''I want to make an onride in Fēnix...''

.. which can! Those who stay at home will also be able to enjoy all the exciting roller coasters and splashing water attractions through your videos. At many of our attractions it is possible to take onrides during the ride.

Good to know

Download the Onrides PDF below! This way you are immediately aware of all the possibilities if you want to make an onride in one or more of our attractions! If you want to make recordings during a ride, it is also useful to know the following:

  • Selfie sticks are not allowed in all attractions, this to continue to guarantee the safety of you and other guests during the ride
  • The operators present at the station always decide whether your GoPro or other film camera meets the correct safety requirements
  • If you make onrides (or other recordings) in an attraction or outside it for commercial purposes, it is necessary to contact us via: marketing@toverland.nl
Download the Onrides PDF

  • * | At Djengu River and Expedition Zork, your video equipment can get wet.
  • ** | A hand grip is allowed, provided the camera and/or other video equipment is kept inside the vehicle during the ride.
  • *** | Dwervelwind spins extremely around, good to keep this in mind during the roller coaster ride
  • 1 | By hand grip we mean a camera that is attached in such a way that it cannot come loose during the ride.

It's like being in it yourself!

It's like being in it yourself!

Are you a big fan of onrides? Watch the left and rightwing onrides from wingcoaster Fēnix or one of the many 360-degree onrides from Troy for example on our YouTube channel!

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