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Take our magic home!

A beautiful souvenir to take home

Have a browse in Mundo Magica, Trojaanse Schatten or Merlin's Magical Treasures. Here you’ll find the nicest souvenirs and also your own magic wand or mysterious magic tricks to surprise your family at home. For you, or as a gift, a Toverland souvenir always produces a smile.

  • Which shops are open during your visit varies from day to day. Check the Toverland-app for current opening times.
Souvenir Koerier | Service

No need to carry your souvenirs! Use the Souvenir Courier and have your purchased cuddly toys and mugs brought to the Guest Service.

Merlin's Magical Treasures

A view inside Merlin's personal treasure chamber

Mundo Magica

Merchandise from all over Toverland has been brought here 

Magistralis' Magic Store

Magical valuables and bottles are stored inside a special warehouse called Magiezijn

Trojaanse Schatten

Trojaanse Schatten is the place to go for those really cool souvenirs and gifts

Maximus' Blitzpunkt

Here you find all those clever inventions of Maximus Müller

Mercado Lúdico

Are you ready for one of three exciting family games? 


All those nice things from Magische Vallei can be found in our shop: Vallerlei 


A splashing picture of your ride on Expedition Zork 


The nicest souvenirs from Land van Toos 

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