Frequently asked questions - disabled visitors

Does Toverland rent wheelchairs

It is possible to rent a Toverland-wheelchair for your visit. Availabitliy is limited, so call us well in advance of your visit: 077 467 7050


Which attractions can disabled visitors visit?

You can find the specifications for each attraction and when you can visit them in this clear accessibility chart.


Are there special queues for visitors with disabilities?

At almost all attractions you can use the special entrances (via the exit) based on an access bracelet. Some attractions have an elevator. This separate waiting area does not have a meandering character and is as stimulus-free as possible.


How long do you have to wait?

There is no fixed indication for this, it depends on how busy it is at that time. The special entrance and queue are therefore not a priority queue, but you wait at another place.


What about scooter users?

We treat scooter users as visitors with a disability. These guests can also directly fill in a 'Visitors with a disability' statement at the Guest Service. Based on this, they receive either a blue (independent) or orange (guide required) disability wristband.


Do attractions contain scares?

Some attractions can trigger startle reactions in visitors with a mental or psychological disability.


What about limbs in plaster?


With limbs in plaster it is, except at wing coaster Fēnix, possible to visit the attractions.


Are there any rules for missing limbs?

For safety reasonsy, special rules may apply if visitors are missing (part of) an arm and/or leg. These safety requirements differ per attraction.