Land van Toos

Indoor play paradise of your dreams

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Discover the magical world of Toos Toverhoed

Roaring rollercoasters, rapid slides, climbing and scrambling, swinging and playing. You’re in the Land van Toos and there's so much fun in here! Smaller visitors will indulge themselves in this atmospheric, indoor world full of attractions and play equipment. Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. It’s always one big party in the Land van Toos.


Toos-express: een doldwaze rit door het land van Toos

Toos-Express Closed

It seems like it's derailed, this crazy train that thunders through Land van Toos at breakneck speed. Perfect for a thrilling first ride on a crazy roller coaster.

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Attractie Zweefmolen Djinn: Vlieg door de lucht in een betoverde zweefmolen

Djinn Closed

A beautiful swing ride, enchanted with oriental magic. Flying high up in the air. Now you know how it feels to fly!

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Theekopjes Closed

Bright coloured tea cups dance through Land van Toos. There's room for the whole family. Enjoy dancing around together.

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Villa Toverhoed

Villa Toverhoed Closed

Are you a real wizard? Magical things happen inside this bewitched Villa Toverhoed when you use real magic spells.

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Truukjes Closed

A favourite for the tiny ones. No wonder, it's really cool to be the driver of your own fire engine, jeep or bus!

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Vliegend Tapijt

Vliegend Tapijt: van boven naar beneden, op deze bank zit je niet stil

Vliegend Tapijt Closed

If you thought you could have a rest on his sofa, you're wrong! This grumpy pig will take care of that. You go up...and then down again.

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Sim sa la Klim

Sim sa la Klim Closed

A bouncy castle, a climbing wall and a slide….all in one. There's no end to this party! Are you the first one to reach the top?

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Attractie Klokhuis: een ondeugend groen rupsje speciaal voor de peuters

Klokhuis Closed

This naughty green caterpillar certainly is. He zig-zags and twists around the apple and if you don't look, he secretly takes a bite! Take a seat in one of the jolly trains, Mum and Dad can join you if you want.

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Dwaalhof Closed

Out in the Tovertuin lies a wondrous maze full of secret courtyards and unexpected tracks. Walk along all the corners, so that you can find your way out.

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Tovertuin Closed

Playing outside in the sun

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You should not miss this here:

Bazaar - Souvenirs


Toys, keychains, mugs ... .. here you will find everything from your favorite Toverland characters! Walk in there too.

Optica Magica - Souvenirs

Have a green screen photo taken with your family in an enchanting environment. Here you can even really fly or take a picture with our firebird!

Toos & Morrel - Meet & Greet

As a hostess of the Land of Toos, Toos likes to surprise you in this magical world. And sometimes her boyfriend Morrel is also present!

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