Sensational Adventures in ancient Greece

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Prevail in Ithaka

Centuries ago, Greek heroes went out to fight the battle of Troy. To conquer the city they came up with a trick: they hid themselves inside an enormous wooden horse and entered through the gates. Now, the warriors have settled down in Toverland where they define their domain again with gigantic wooden structures. Enter Troy Area, a place where heroes defy their biggest fears and battle with all their might for victory!


Troy Closed

Take place in the chariots of Troy: the fastest, tallest and longest wooden roller coaster of the Benelux. An enormous wooden structure with which the warriors conquer the city at full speed. Experience the magical feeling of victory yourself!

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Attractie Scorpios: Trotseer de woeste zee van de Griekse eilanden in het betoverende schommelschip Scorpios

Scorpios Closed

The Greek heroes continue their battle. Earlier they traveled on wild horses and fast chariots. But now their journey takes a turn, across the rough sea. 

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Paarden van Ithaka

Attractie Paarden van Ithaka: Stap op en galoppeer door de prachtige natuur

Paarden van Ithaka Closed

Join us for a beautiful trip along dunes and old bridges. Get on your horse and make sure to hold on tight. We're on our way to Troy where we will battle for victory with small and big heroes.

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Here's something else you shouldn't miss:

Het Houten Paard - Take-away

Need to recover from all the adrenaline? That's fine with a soft ice cream, cup of coffee or delicious cake! Afterwards, you can gallop through Ithaka again!

Troyaanse Schatten - Souvenirs

Do you like taking your heroic memory home with you? Right after your ride in Troy, walk into this souvenir shop! Do you already know what it's going to be?

Paard van Troje - Photopoint

You probably remember the wooden horse of Troy from the history books. Here it is right in front of you! Test your muscles and try to move the horse or take the ultimate photo for on Instagram!

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