A medieval world full of adrenaline

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Merlin's mythical world

Celtic legends surrounding Merlin the wizard and the magical sword Excalibur come to life in the mysterious world Avalon. Invert three times in our sensational rollercoaster Fēnix or enjoy a magical boatride with the whole family in Merlin’s Quest. A magical island in the mist takes you closer to the source of eternal life.


Attractie Fēnix: Een achtbaan voor de ultieme vliegervaring


Do you dare to invert three times? Then take a seat underneath the wings of Fēnix, and experience an unforgettable feeling of freedom, sensation and of course....flying.

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Merlin's Quest

Attractie Merlin's Quest: een kijkje in de persoonlijke schatkamer van Merlijn

Merlin's Quest

Sail through the deep waters of Avalon. Word is that Merlin has seen this place first-hand and obtained eternal life as a result.

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Arthur's Tournament Training

Attractie Arthur's Tournament training: veel oefenen, spelen en klimmen, dan word jij een echte koning

Arthur's Tournament Training

Practising, playing and climbing! Have you got the talent to become the real king of the mythical world Avalon?

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