A medieval world full of adrenaline

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Merlin's mythical world

It's party time in Avalon! Ice Witch Morgana has been defeated, so the banners are flying and the music is blaring festively. Join this burgundy celebration everywhere. Make the skies unsafe in airplane mill Pixarus or feel as free as a bird in the sensational wingcoaster Fēnix. Navigate the waters of Avalon on an adventurous boat ride, dream away on the Garden Tour or meet unicorn Juna and Sparky at their costume party.


Fēnix Closed

Do you dare to go upside down three times? Then take a seat under the wings of Fēnix and experience an unforgettable feeling of freedom, sensation and of course flying.

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Pixarus Closed

You will be turned upside down by your magical flying skills. You're in control, so decide for yourself how spectacular your flight will be.

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Dragonwatch Closed

Do you spot dragons in the area as you fly up and down?

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Merlin's Quest

Merlin's Quest Closed

Cruise the beautiful waters of Avalon and join Merlin in search of Tír na nÓg. The source of eternal life will make you feel reborn.

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Garden Tour

Garden Tour Closed

Make a special and magical tour through Merlin's herb garden that has never been discoverd before. 

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Jumping Juna

Jumping Juna Closed

Jump around with Juna and Sparky and join the fun costume party.

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Sparky's Splash Dock

Sparky's Splash Dock Closed

Dragon Sparky made quite a splash here. Now the storage dock has turned into one big water playground. Splash around

More infoDragon Sparky made quite a splash here. Now the storage dock has turned into one big water playground. Splash around

Little Dragons

Little Dragons Closed

This dragon's nest is a safe and soft play environment for the littlest dragons. They can have a great time here.

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Arthur's Tournament Training

Arthur's Tournament Training Closed

Practising, playing and climbing! Have you got the talent to become the real king of the mythical world Avalon?

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Something you should not miss here:

Interactive viewing scenes
Waterdwarf Alley

Wander down this charming little street and meet the waterdwarves. This is where they live, work and entertain. You can make a difference there, too, so go explore.

Magical moment
Spicy Pete

Dragonchef Spicy Pete prepares the most delicious dishes, but also has a surprise in store for you. So let yourself be surprised!

Smouldering Roast

Craving a quick bite and moving on again? Here you can stop by all day long for wraps, sandwiches, milkshakes and fries! On the patio, you have a view of all of Avalon.

Merlin's Magical Treasures

Taking home a keepsake from Avalon? Walk into Merlin's Magical Treasures! From action photos to the cutest souvenirs of Juna and Sparky!

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