Waterdwarf Alley

This is where the water dwarves live and breathe

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Interactive scenes

Wander down this little street and visit the water dwarves. Here they live, work and have fun! You can also help them. Light a fire at the blacksmith's or be the master of time at the Books & Spellshouse. You'll be spoilt for choice here!


Behold all the houses

A look at the blacksmith

The Blacksmith has a busy life. But since he doesn't want to depend on the wind, he drives his business via an innovative water wheel with fish. Still, you can give him a hand too, so ring the bell once. This will set off the bellows, which will fan the fire. Then the blacksmith can get on with his work too.


Frost Ice Statue

An icy reminder

Ice witch Morgana ruled Avalon with an icy hand for a long time. Now it is party time and the people of Avalon would rather not think back to her power. When you put the warmth of your hand on the heart stone, you might even manage to thaw Morgana. And then watch what happens.


Creatures Cottage

A crazy mess of animals

Do you know the saying: 'when the water dwarf is away from home, the Pixies dance on the table'? After a visit to the Creatures Cottage we do. In this completely warped cottage, the water dwarf is not around for a while, so you have all the time you need to take a peek inside. And all the little animals make eager use of his absence, making a mad dash for it. There's even an overenthusiastic dragon stuck in the chimney. Maybe you can give the creature keeper a hand.


Books & Spellshouse

Be the ruler of time

Also take some time to stop by the Books & Spellshouse. Literally even, because here you are the ruler of time. Just play with the hourglass and see what happens. In striking little house made of rocks, Sorcerer Merlin is also at home. He likes to play a game of chess. And who knows, maybe you will create a surprising twist in the process.

Here you will find Waterdwarf Alley


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