Merlin's Quest

Sail through the deep waters of Avalon

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Magical boatride

Merlin’s Quest is a boatride for the entire family. During a trip across the beautiful waters of Avalon, where Fēnix occasionally flies past, are passengers looking for Tir na nÓg, the source of eternal life. Who can find this magical place?



When can you visit Merlin's Quest?
- Minimum lenght without supervision: 120 cm
- Minimum under supervision (adult): 0 - 120 cm

Not suitable for:
- visitors with heart, back or neck problems

Extra caution for:
- pregnant visitors

Baby Switch: 
This attraction features the Baby Switch. This waiting system means you do not have to wait twice when your child is not yet allowed in the attraction.
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  • Min. length without supervision120
  • Under supervision0-120


Can be visited independently or accompanied:
- Maximum 5 accompanying persons allowed
-  You will be allocated a special, adapted boat

Important information:
- Accessible via the exit. Follow the signs.
There is a special adapted boat, which allows wheelchair access. No transfer is necessary. All companions can board.
Visitors in a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair must transfer to a wheelchair provided by Toverland. They must be able to transfer to this wheelchair independently or with the help of their own guidance.

More on accessibility:
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        Facts & Figures

        Facts & Figures

        • Manufacturer: MACK Rides
        • Capacity: 16 people per boat
        • Length: 430 meters
        • Speed: 2,15 km/hour
        • Duration: 720 seconds   
        • Year of construction: 2018

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