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Do you want to visit Toverland more often?

Become Magic Member!

Then buy an annual pass! As a Magic Member of Toverland you are part of the Toverland family! This way you enjoy many benefits and unlimited access to the park on opening days.

Benefits as Magic Member

Benefits as Magic Member

  • Unlimited acces to the park on opening days. Also during special activities, such as Halloween.
  • 5% Catering and shop discount at the park
  • Cheap parking
  • Discounts with other theme parks and zoos*

*Corona measures: May vary by park. Contact the partner park to find out if your Toverland subscription gives you a discount.

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min. 12 months
12 months

Adults/children >140cm€ 115,00
Children 90-140cm€ 115,00
60+€ 125,00
Guests with disabilities€ 125,00
Wheelchair users€ 70,00
Parking€ 40,00

Buy an annual pass

• Do it easily online

How nice that you want a Toverland subscription! You can easily apply for one online by creating an account. Purchasing at the Guest Service is also possible. 

Day ticket return:
✓ If you purchase a subscription after your day is over, you will receive your entrance ticket back (only for the subscription with yearly payment)

Subscription conditions:
- Ask for the conditions at the entrance or read them here.

Parking pass

Parking pass

Especially for our annual pass holders we have a parking pass. Unlimited parking on visiting days for only € 40.-

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