Planning tips

For the best school trip

With these tips you'll come prepared

It'll soon be the time for planning school trips. The highlight of the year for many students. But for the organisation and supervisors often the most tiring day of the year. We have a few tips on how to plan your school trip to ensure that everything is organised before you leave.

Tip 1

Tip 1

Make sure that parents/guardians are informed in time.

For example, inform the parents about the date of your school trip well in advance. This gives them the time to arrange things. Provide them at least one week prior to your trip with written information about departure and arrival times, contact person, activities and suitable clothing. Inform them where they can contact their child and also inform about the things that students can/can't or must/mustn't bring with them. 

Tip 2

Create a WhatsApp group for organisation and supervisors

This allows you to stay in touch with each other during your school trip. Good to know: At Toverland we assign a unique collection point in the park to every school trip, so that the children always know where to go if needed.

Tip 3

Tip 3

Create a script for your school trip

A quick way to find out if there are still things that need to be taken into consideration or if you have forgotten something.

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