Magische Vallei

Dreamy valley full of unique adventures

Closed today

Magische Vallei makes you happy

Magische Vallei has a very special atmosphere. It feels cheerful and free! In this colourful world of magic you experience the most imaginative attractions. But also a world where you can relax, take your time. While you have a rest on a beautiful terrace, an elegant water ballet suddenly surprises you. The Magische Vallei is alive, even in places where you don’t expect.


Dwervelwind Closed

Plunge forwards from left to right. The trains are spinning round and round, are we going forwards or backwards?! Sensational! 

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Booster Bike

Booster Bike Closed

You'll get a magical feeling racing around on these bright green speed monsters. Go and find out for yourself!

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Djengu River

Djengu River Closed

Thrilling wild water adventure on a bewitched river. Brave the raging water of the swirling river that runs through the heart of the Magische Vallei.

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Tolly Molly

Tolly Molly: Draai een rondje mee in deze water carrousel

Tolly Molly Closed

The beautifully coloured water horses ensure a relaxing tour. Have a spin on their back in this remarkable caroussel.

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Coco Bolo

Attractie Coco Bolo: Klim zelf omhoog langs de mooie boomstam, maar zorg dat Coco je niet ziet

Coco Bolo Closed

High on a tree top somewhere in the Magische Vallei is the nest of Coco Bolo. Curious after the things she can see from up there? Climb along the tree trunk.

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Waku Waku

Waku Waku: bewaar je evenwicht, zo krijg je geen natte voeten

Waku Waku Closed

A refreshing survival for water lovers. Brave the magical waters of Waku Waku without getting your feet wet.

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Vallerlei - Souvenirs

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Dwaalroute and Splash Zone

The Magische Vallei is full of eyes and ears! Spot all the cute Dwervels, walk the Wandering Route to discover secret places or refresh yourself in the Splash Zone of Katara - Fountain of Magic!

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