Villa Fiasko

A funhouse full of joy

  • Under supervision100-120 cm
  • Min. length without supervision120 cm
  • Indoor/OutdoorIndoor

One big madhouse!

Oh no, it all goes horribly wrong. This isn't a simple house visit, but a mad journey full of obstacles. Because although this villa looks really nice from the outside, once you're inside the house, it turns out that nothing really is what it seems. The staircase wobbles and the floor below starts to turn. Before you know it, you're outside again. Is it me or did the floor suddenly move faster?

What should I be looking for?

With children

  • Between 100-120 cm, under supervision of an adult
  • Independent access from 120 cm

    Here you find Villa Fiasko


    The moment you enter Wunderwald, you find Villa Fiasko immediately to the right.

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