Villa Fiasko

A funhouse full of joy

Closed today

Mad funhouse

Nothing is what it seems in this villa. The stairs move and the floor beneath you suddenly starts spinning. Anything but a normal house visit. How soon will you be outside again?



When can you visit Villa Fiasko?
- Minimum heigh without supervision: 120 cm
- Minimum height under one-to-one supervision (adult): 100 - 120 cm

Not suitable for: 
- visitors with neck and back problems
- visitors with heart problems and/or high blood pressure
- visitors who are pregnant

  • Under supervision100-120 cm
  • Min. length without supervision120 cm

Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

  • Manufacturer: Kumbak Coasters, Gepla
  • Year of construction: 2004

Here you find Villa Fiasko


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