Paarden van Ithaka

Galloping through beautiful nature

  • Under supervision90-110 cm
  • Min. length without supervision110 cm
  • Indoor/OutdoorOutdoor

Travel with Paarden van Ithaka

Join us for a beautiful trip along dunes and old bridges. Get on your horse and make sure to hold on tight. We're on our way to Troy where we will battle for victory with small and big heroes. The horses are used to the rough landscape, they travelled many miles across the land they were born: the Greek island Ithaka, where beautiful mountains and lakes stretch out before your eyes. We need you for our mission so join us!

What should I be looking for?

With children

  • Between 90-110 cm, under supervision of an adult
  • Independent access from 110 cm

    With disabled persons and wheelchair users

    • Able to negotiate a high step

      Here you find Paarden van Ithaka


      Paarden van Ithaka ride behind Scorpios.

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