Take a seat on this jolly little train

For little rascals

Are you fond of sweet apples too? This naughty green caterpillar certainly is. He zig-zags and twists around the apple and if you don't look, he secretly takes a bite! Take a seat in one of the jolly trains, Mum and Dad can join you if you want. Appelcarrousel is a roller coaster for toddlers, especially for the little ones.


What should I be looking for?

With children

  • Up to 90 cm, one adult supervisor per child
  • Independent access from 90 cm
  • Under supervision0 - 90 cm
  • Min. length without supervision> 90 cm

Here you find Klokhuis

Land van Toos

Klokhuis sits in the middle of Toos-Express's track in Land van Toos.

Attractie Klokhuis: een ondeugend groen rupsje speciaal voor de peuters
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