Expedition Zork

Gnarling tree trunks

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Refreshing logflume

COMPLETELY RENEWED • An adventurous voyage of discovery

Together with your group, step into one of the rigid tree trunks and go on an adventure through the highest mountain peaks, deep valleys and over gigantic waterfalls. In the meantime, you'll also discover whether the mysterious ghost stories surrounding the swamp creature Zork are true or just a myth. There are plenty of unexpected moments waiting for you anyway, so brace yourself! There comes a 15 meter high descent. And splash!

Facts & Figures

Expedition Zork | Attractiepark Toverland

Facts & Figures

  • Manufacturer: Mack Rides
  • Height: 15 metres
  • Length: 398 metres
  • Duration: 3.45 minutes

What should I be looking for?

With children

  • Between 90-120 cm, under supervision of an adult
  • Independent access from 120 cm
  • Under supervision90-120 cm
  • Min. length without supervision120 cm

With disabled persons and wheelchair users

  • Special seats
  • Max. number of supervisors: 5

    Here you find Expedition Zork


    Expedition Zork starts inside Wunderwald and continues its journey outside.

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