Enjoy a delicious meal together

Bon appetit!

Eat a freshly prepared Italian pizza from Waldstube, enjoy the sun on the exotic terrace of Katara Plaza or take a seat under a starry sky in our à la carte restaurant The Flaming Feather. There is something for everyone.

  • Which restaurants or take-aways are open during your visit varies from day to day. Check the Toverland-app for current opening times.

Take-away | Port Laguna

  • Fish & Chips
  • Donuts
  • Hot and cold drinks
Smouldering Roast

Take-away | Avalon

  • Chicken burgers and chicken dishes
  • ​​​​Soft ice cream and Milkshakes
  • Cold and hot drinks
Take-away • Avalon
Pete's Treats

•Unox sandwich
• Seasonal specials
• Slush
• Cold drinks


Take-away | Wunderwald

  • Cotton candy
  • Ben & Jerry's
  • Various types of Popcorn
Het Houten Paard

Take-away | Ithaka

  • Soft ice cream and ice cream specialties
  • Ice cream donut
  • Hot and cold drinks

Take-away | Port Laguna

  • Seasonal specials
  • Ice cream
  • Various cold and warm drinks

Take-away | Wunderwald

  • Different beers
  • ​​​​Treats
Donate your plastic bottle

Deposit your plastic bottle in one of the special donation bins and support the charity. Prefer a deposit back? Go to the bottle machine next to Villa Fiasko and take your receipt with you to one of the catering points.

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