Disabled persons and wheelchair users

Our attractions are accessible for disabled persons and users of wheelchairs. In many occasions a wheelchair can enter via the exit. Disabled guests are allowed to use the exit as an entrance and take three or supervisors (depending on the attraction) with them. A special access wristband is needed for this. After showing a statement, this wristband can be collected from our Guest Services.

We have looked thoroughly at our offerings and took some steps to ensure a safe visit to Toverland, sometimes influencing the visit of guests with a disability. Please visit our FAQ for more information.



What do we do?

  • When there is a visible disability, we ask you to fill out our declaration for visitors with a disability truthfully. In this declaration, you state if you are able to visit our attractions by yourself.
  • If you have an invisible disability, we also ask you to bring proof in the form of a statement (from GP, doctor or psychologist together with a proof of identity) or any other form. If you show this at Guest Services, you will be given the declaration in which you can state if you are able to visit our attractions by yourself.

Download the declaration below or ask about it at Guest Services!

Declaration disabled visitor



It is not possible, with regard to a safe evacuation, to visit an attraction with a large group of disabled visitors at the same time. Large groups will therefore be divided in smaller groups.

All our toilets are accessible for guests with a disability, except in our themed world Ithaka. All our toilets for guests with a disability are equipped with a table to be used to take care of the guest if necessary. These spaces are in or close to the toilets.

Restaurants and shops
All our restaurants and shops are accessible for guests in a wheelchair. In our shops Maximus' Blitzpunkt & Trojaanse Schatten there is less space to move because of the size of these shops.

The bracelets for guests with a disability and wheelchair users are not valid for the lines at the scare experiences during our Halloween season.

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