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Visitors with disabilities

Almost all of Toverland and most attractions can be visited if you have a disability. In most cases you can visit an attraction via a alternative entrance at the exit of the attraction or via an elevator.

✓ Take advantage of extra affordable prices for visitors with a disability: purchase your ticket at the Guest Service
✓ Almost all attractions can be visited with a disability
✓ Make use of the special entrances with a special band

What should I do before my Toverland visit?

What do I have to do at home?

  • Fill in a 'Guests with disabilities' declaration online. For invisible disabilities, we ask for medical evidence. 
  • Need a wheelchair? It is possible to hire a Toverland wheelchair for your visit day. The availability of these is limited, so please contact us by phone well in advance of your visit: 077 467 7050.
  • Buying a ticket? You can buy a ticket at the Guest Service Desk at an extra advantageous price. This is not possible online.
  • Reserve your visit free of charge. We ask you to reserve your visit in advance via a free online reservation. Please note: this is not yet a valid entrance ticket.

What should I do at the entrance?

  • Go to the Guest Service Desk (left in front of the entrance) with your "Guests with a disability" declaration.
  • If you have not yet filled in your declaration, you can fill it in at the Guest Service Desk.
  • You can then pay for the reduced ticket price at the Guest Service Desk.
  • After paying, you will receive a blue or orange wristband. You will receive a blue wristband for visible disabilities and an orange wristband for invisible disabilities. 

What can I do in the park?

  • Find out what the specifications are for each attraction and when you can visit them via an accessibility chart.
  • Follow signs on site in the park with a recognisable wheelchair icon.
  • Through alternative entrances (often the exit), you get access to these attractions on the basis of the wristband. This separate waiting area has no meandering character and is stimulus-free as much as possible. 
  • A lift is available at some attractions.
  • Check out the Toverland app. Find disabled accessibility information in the Toverland app.

Do you still have questions?

Question and answer

We understand that you still have a lot of questions. Therefore, read the details on this page at your own comfort or check out the answers to frequently asked questions.


To gain access to the alternative queues of the attractions, you need an orange or blue entrance wristband.

• When there is a visible disability, we ask you to fill out our declaration for visitors with a disability truthfully. In this declaration, you state if you are able to visit our attractions by yourself. You will receive a blue wristband.

• If you have an invisible disability, we also ask you to bring proof in the form of a statement (from GP, doctor or psychologist together with a proof of identity) or any other form. If you show this at Guest Services, you will be given the declaration in which you can state if you are able to visit our attractions by yourself. You will receive an orange wristband.

Download the declaration below or ask about it at Guest Services!

Visit attractions on your own or with a guide?

  • When can you visit the attraction on your own?

    When you: can enter and exit the attraction independently, can take a specific sitting position and brace yourself during the ride, can independently follow verbal and/or visual instructions.

  • You'll receive a blue wristband

    You can bring three guides with you through the wheelchair entrance, at Merlin's Quest, Djengu River and Expedition Zork with a maximum of five guides.

  • When can you not visit attractions on your own?

    A minimum of one guide of 18 years or older is required. With the help of this guide, the visitor with a disability can: enter and exit, take a specific sitting position, hold on and brace during the ride and follow verbal and/or visual instructions.

  • You'll receive an orange wristband

    You must bring at least one guide (aged 18 or older) with you. A maximum of three guides are allowed, with a maximum of five at Merlin's Quest, Djengu River and Expedition Zork.

  • Exceptions

    Some attractions can not be visited with a guide or are an exception. You can read this below.

Exceptions attractions with a guide

If a visitor with a disability is unable to visit the attraction unaccompanied, a number of attractions are excluded due to safety requirements.

Applies to the following attractions:
• Fēnix: Due to the placement in the train, a visitor with a disability must be at least 140 cm. The regular minimum length is 132 cm.
• Paarden van Ithaka: Guidance is possible when the child is between 90 and 110 cm.
• Drakenslangen: Guidance is only possible if you do not weigh more than 100 kg together.
• Kletterparcours: Guidance is not possible due to the individual activity.


Access via alternative entrances

How exactly does access to the attractions work?

Almost all attractions have a alternative entrance. You usually visit the attraction through the exit, so you don't have to wait in the regular queue. This alternative queue will therefore also provide fewer incentives. It is possible that you will encounter physical obstacles here, such as stairs. The alternative entrance does not give priority: it does not automatically mean that the waiting time via this entrance is shorter.

You can visit these attractions by elevator, ask an employee for help or follow the instructions provided.
• Maximus' Blitz Bahn
• Djengu River
• Dwervelwind
• Fēnix

Practical information

It is not possible, with regard to a safe evacuation, to visit an attraction with a large group of disabled visitors at the same time. Large groups will therefore be divided in smaller groups.

All our toilets are accessible for guests with a disability, except in our themed world Ithaka. All our toilets for guests with a disability are equipped with a table to be used to take care of the guest if necessary. These spaces are in or close to the toilets.

Restaurants and shops
All our restaurants and shops are accessible for guests in a wheelchair. In our shops Maximus' Blitzpunkt & Trojaanse Schatten there is less space to move because of the size of these shops.

Experience Toverland at home

Well prepared with 360° onrides
Do you want to be well prepared for all the attractions and avoid any surprises? Then watch the 360° onrides on Toverland's YouTube channel from the comfort of your home.


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