New YouTubers event at Theme park Toverland

On Sunday 19 May is Toverland all about a festive event called YOUTUBERSxTOVERLAND. Various famous YouTubers call in at the theme park and answer questions from their fans during special Q&A-sessions. Also exclusive Meet&Greets and heroic stunts from great heights will take place. Finally, four theme park vloggers test their stamina during a coaster challenge on Troy – the longest, fastest and tallest wooden rollercoaster of the Benelux.

No other than Enzo Knol, Milan Knol, Dionne Slagter (OnneDi) and Team Dylan Haegens visit Toverland to answer the most pressing questions from their fans during interactive Q&A-sessions. There’s also a chance for on-site fans to have a Meet&Greet with Bokado, Emma Keuven, Djuncan and SMOARE. Fans can also run into other famous YouTubers while on their way to their favourite attraction.

Stunt & Challenge

The daredevils of SMOARE made a freerunvideo last year on Toverland’s rollercoasters. On 19 May they will create loads of spectacle again by carrying out stunts from great heights at Port Laguna, Toverland’s entrance. Theme park vloggers ZeroGReviews, Eftelflags, Hessel Broekhuis and RidesNL battle each other during a coaster challenge on wooden roller coaster Troy. The YouTubers will try to stay on Troy for an incredible eight hours long, from opening to closing time. Fans who want to show some support are able to join them for a round.


YOUTUBERSxTOVERLAND takes place on Sunday 19 May 2019. Toverland is open on this day from 10.00 – 18.00 hours. Besides the activities surrounding this YouTubers-event, visitors can also enjoy 35 attractions and shows. YOUTUBERSxTOVERLAND can be visited with a regular ticket. Discounted tickets can be bought from Toverland’s website. The complete program for the event can be viewed here.


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