Toverland celebrates 10 years of Troy with new music

Next Saturday 1 July it has been exactly 10 years since wooden roller coaster Troy in Theme park Toverland was officially opened by visitors of the park. This remarkable birthday is celebrated with the introduction of a spectacular new soundtrack for the ride with which Toverland placed itself on the map in 2007.

“Troy has been one of the biggest crowd pleasers of Toverland since its opening. When you arrive at the park it truly is an eye catcher”, says Tessa Maessen, Manager Communications. “After 10 years we thought that the roller coaster’s soundtrack really didn’t fit the attraction and the theme area Ithaka anymore, that’s why we used Troy’s 10th birthday to introduce new music that will immerse our guests even more into our magical world.” A total of 60 minutes of music and sound effects will be composed for various attractions, queues and paths inside the Ithaka. For the production of the new soundtrack, that will start playing over the course of summer, Toverland works together with renowned German music production company IMAscore. This company already developed the music for theme areas Magische Vallei and Wunderwald.

Troy is known as the fastest, highest and longest wooden roller coaster of the Benelux. The attraction has a maximum height of 35 metres and during the ride – across a track that’s almost 1,100 metres long – people will reach a top speed of over 90 kilometres per hour. “To keep the wooden roller coaster running smoothly, a lot more maintenance is required compared to the other attractions. Our staff members replaced 500 metres of track last winter for example. This way we make sure that our visitors keep enjoying their ride on Troy”, says Tessa. Even 10 years after it opened, Troy still remains many roller coaster fan’s favourite.

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