Theme park Toverland wins Diamond ThemePark Award for Best restaurant

Today, Toverland has had the pleasure to receive the Diamond ThemePark Award for ‘Best restaurant in a Dutch theme park’. The theme park won the award for their serviced restaurant The Flaming Feather, which is part of mythical theme area Avalon. Over 67,500 voters chose the restaurant because of its quality and atmosphere.

Sander Janssen, manager of The Flaming Feather, is very proud of this award. “This is a wonderful appreciation for our staff, for whom guest hospitality and quality comes first every day.” Sander also thinks that their high quality menu was an important ingredient for winning this award. “Its extensive offer whereby we amaze our guests is something you don’t expect to find in a theme park.”

The Flaming Feather
Themed restaurant The Flaming Feather opened its doors in 2018 and is part of a medieval themed area called Avalon. The indoor restaurant, which is decorated in the style of a mythical inn, has a capacity of 130 seats. Its outdoor terraces can seat 300 people who can enjoy a Burgundian meal while enjoying a view of wing coaster Fēnix and boat ride Merlin’s Quest. The Flaming Feather is the first restaurant in Toverland where guests are serviced at their tables.

Diamond ThemePark Awards
The Diamond ThemePark Awards are an initiative of various theme park websites from the Netherlands and Belgium. The prizes are awarded by a jury of professionals and fans. Over 67,500 votes were cast in this tenth edition, of which the majority came from the Netherlands, Belgium and France.