Theme park Toverland welcomes record number of visitors in 2022

Last year, theme park Toverland welcomed a record number of 1,032,000 visitors. An increase of 20% compared to the last record, which dates back to 2019. This substantial increase was realised by focussing on extended opening times throughout the year and investing in seasonal events, including the successful Halloween Nights and a new concept called Winter Feelings. The outlook for 2023 is also promising thanks to the opening of four new attractions and five new experiences in theme area Avalon, all of which will be suitable for the entire family.

“We are incredibly proud that we have been able to break that barrier of one million visitors in 2022”, says general director Jean Gelissen jr.. “In just 21 years we grew from an indoor amusement park to a full-fledged theme park for the entire family and are now a contender for the theme park Champions League.” Busy public holidays and events also contributed to this record number of visitors. “Innovations and investments over the past years in our Halloween concept made this event more popular than ever. Our new concept Winter Feelings, for which we opened our entire park for the first time, combined with a massive investment in wintery decorations, shows and experiences, also paid off. Finally, we welcomed more children on school trips and guests from corporate events.”

Toverland had 862,000 visitors in 2019, but in 2020 and 2021 the theme park had to deal with prolonged closures and imposed a limited visitor capacity due to corona, which caused visitor numbers to fall to a total of 534,000 and 717,500 respectively. A growth is forecast this year due to the expansion of Avalon.

Annual calendar 2023
“In 2023 we will again present our guests with a varied calendar in which we constantly highlight the themes that fit the time of year and extend our opening times during public and school holidays”, explains Jean Gelissen jr.. “We also invest in a new park show, which can be seen daily from the start of the summer season on 1 April. Also recurring this summer is our Pop-Up Summer Camp, where visitors can spend the night at the foot of wooden rollercoaster Troy.” The annual calendar can be viewed at

Expansion Avalon
Toverland opens four new attractions and five new experiences in theme area Avalon mid-2023 to make it even more attractive for a wider target audience and to increase the time of stay in this medieval themed area. This expansion involves an investment of 10 million euros. More information can be found on

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