Theme park Toverland welcomes record number of visitors in 2019

Theme park Toverland saw a record number of 862,000 visitors in 2019. This is an increase of 50,000 visitors compared to the previous year. This massive growth can be attributed to the opening of a new entrance called Port Laguna and the new theme area Avalon in July 2018. This multi-million investment increased the size of Toverland by one-and-a-half. In 2019 were visitors able to enjoy these new areas an entire summer season for the first time. Their very popular park events also contributed to this new record.

“We are extremely proud of this increase in visitor numbers”, says General Director Jean Gelissen jr. “We have made huge investments in areas like expansion and park events. Therefore it is great to see that we are doing the right thing, which is backed-up by our visitor numbers and a guest rating of 9+.” Toverland expects to realise more growth in visitor numbers in 2020.

More events and longer opening hours
Toverland aims for longer opening hours and more events than ever this year. Visitors can enjoy 12 Midsummer Evenings and 14 Halloween Nights. Also the whole park opens sooner than ever this spring school holiday from 22 February until 1 March and the weekends thereafter during a ‘Pre-Season’. The official start of the summer season is on Saturday 28 March after which all indoor and outdoor attractions remain open until Sunday 8 November.

Magical appreciations
Toverland recently had the honour to receive a silver award for ‘Best day out in the Netherlands 2020’. This made Toverland nationwide the highest rated theme park of the Netherlands. This is not the first time that Toverland brings an award back home. The theme park received, in relation to their expansion, a stunning 9 international awards, including ‘Best European Theme Park’ and ‘Best New Attraction’ for their spectacular wing coaster Fēnix.

Magical future
Toverland’s ambition for the coming years is to break the magical threshold of 1 million visitors. To achieve this, the theme park will extend the time of stay by creating new expansions and opening a four-star hotel resort. The future is magical.