Theme park Toverland renews water rapids ride Expedition Zork

Theme park Toverland will use this winter to upgrade their water rapids ride Expedition Zork. The attraction, which opened in 2004, receives a whole new storyline and will be extensively themed. Also the décor of Expedition Zork will be extended with an interactive marble run for the entire family. Expedition Zork is scheduled for reopening in the spring of 2022. 

In the past years, Toverland has carried out various restyling projects for their indoor theme area Wunderwald in which Expedition Zork is located. “Toverland’s quality standard is getting higher and higher and we think it’s very important to include our older theme areas as well”, explains general director Jean Gelissen jr. “Even in these special times we want to continue investing and at the moment we think that renewing Expedtion Zork fits best with our strategy.”

Expedition Zork
Ever since the log flume ride opened in 2004 its rockwork has always contained an image of Zork, a mysterious green swamp creature. “We have never really explored the background story of this character”, says senior designer Peter van Holsteijn. “Expedition Zork’s new storyline will connect all the existing elements of Wunderwald. An alpine village, an eccentric inventor, a water rapids ride and an unknown mountain monster.”
Visitors of Expedition Zork will step into a transport system that has been devised by inventor Maximus Müller to search for the mythical character Zork. During the expedition they will find out whether Zork is this dreaded monster from the folk tale, or that perhaps the truth of the mystery is a completely different story. “All pieces of the puzzle will fall into place”, according to the designer.

Interactive marble run
An interactive marble run called Maximus’ Wunderball will be added as part of the décor of Expedition Zork. At the start of the run, visitors can obtain wooden Toverland-balls, and roll them through a giant track as often as they like. There are two different tracks with a combined length of 125 metres.

More information
The renewed Expedition Zork and Maximus’ Wunderball are scheduled for reopening in the spring of 2022. Construction will start after the Christmas holidays. Spinning coaster Dwervelwind is going to be the alternative attraction during Toverland’s indoor season when Expedition Zork is closed. Vistors who are curious about the project can have a peek inside Maximus’ Bauhaus from the start of the Christmas holidays. Frequently updated drawings of this project can be admired in this office. 

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