Toverland opens new theme area with Wing Coaster in 2018

Theme park Toverland will be one and a half times bigger in 2018. The theme park expands with a new entrance and a new theme area. Inside the area, two large attractions will form a centre part. A spectacular roller coaster and a magical boat ride will ensure many experiences of happiness amongst the visitors.

The location of the new theme area is going to be near the ponds behind the existing theme area the Magische Vallei. The eye-catcher for this area will be a sensational Wing Coaster. This type of roller coaster has its trains hanging on either side of the track, which creates a unique flying experience. Passengers will loop multiple times on this ride. Paul Oomen, technical manager, is very proud of this addition. “This is the first Wing Coaster in the Benelux.” He promises that a ride on the Wing Coaster will give “an unforgettable feeling of freedom.” The supplier is leading roller coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard.
Besides that, people can also enjoy a magical boat ride. This water ride is suitable for the entire family and will be partially covered. The water ride is built by MACK rides. The spinning coaster Dwervelwind and log flume Backstroke in Toverland are also made by this German supplier.

Toverland opens, besides the theme area, also a new entrance. This will become an area with various catering facilities, shops and an outdoor stage. From here, visitors can continue their way to Toverland’s other theme areas.
The total expansion is over 7 hectares; this will make the entire park about one and a half times bigger. It’s going to be the biggest expansion in the history of theme park Toverland.

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