The Making of: Port Laguna & Avalon


Theme park Toverland presents making-of series

Toverland is on the eve of the largest expansion in its history. A new entrance called Port Laguna and a new theme area called Avalon will make this theme park a massive one-and-a-half times bigger. Friday 13 April is the start of a new making-of series, presented by Toverland, which closely follows the construction of Port Laguna and Avalon.

The making-of series of Port Laguna and Avalon consist of eight episodes and can be watched via Toverland’s YouTube channel. Every fortnight, on a Friday, a new episode will be presented until the opening on Saturday 7 July. These themed episodes will give the viewer a unique look behind the scenes and show how this enormous expansion develops. All aspects of the construction – from idea to completion – will be mentioned. A final episode can be watched after 7 July, in which we look back on the opening.

More grown-up than ever

Today, Toverland presents a preview of its making-of series by means of a teaser. This teaser takes the viewer on a brief tour across the building site. Also Toverland’s general director Caroline Kortooms talks about the grandeur of this expansion: “An investment of 35 million euros, the addition of two theme areas. We are becoming more grown-up than ever and the whole world shall know it!”

You can watch this first episode about the beginning of Port Laguna and Avalon online via Toverland’s YouTube channel on Friday 13 April.

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