Toverland presents a spectacular summer show: a 25-metre death dive

Visitors of theme park Toverland can see a new dive show this summer holiday called ‘The Battle of Port Laguna’. This adventurous show takes place on a stranded ship, where a battle between good and evil ends in a 25-metre death dive. The Battle of Port Laguna is exclusively developed for Toverland and will be performed at least three times a day from Saturday 6 July until Sunday 25 August. A couple of backstage videos that show a unique look behind the scenes can be found on Toverland’s YouTube channel.

The Battle of Port Laguna is staged at Port Laguna, Toverland’s entrance. This is a location where for many years magical valuables and bottles washed ashore. When a beach comber explores a stranded ship, he discovers a magical pearl. He who takes the pearl to the top of the ship, becomes the new captain. However, pirates are lurking and a battle between good and evil starts. Only a death dive from 25 metres high ensures a good ending.

Taylor made

“The Battle of Port Laguna builds on the story of our new entrance”, says David Slob, Creative Leader Entertainment. “It is a show full of adventure and magic suitable for the entire family.” The show is bilingual, Dutch and English, which makes it perfect for an international audience. The ship, which is the biggest stage in the history of Toverland, carries special effects using water and fire. The Battle of Port Laguna is a co-production with Scottish show company Falcon Entertainment. A total of seven divers take part in this show. The music for the show was composed by German music production company IMAscore.

Backstage videos

A couple of backstage videos closely follow the development of The Battle of Port Laguna. It takes the viewer to the design of the stage, the building of the show, its technical details and the music production. The first video can be watched now via Toverland’s YouTube channel, the second video follows next week.


The Battle of Port Laguna can be seen three times a day from Saturday 6 July until Sunday 25 August 2019. Toverland stays open until 23.00 hours during the Midsummer Evenings that take place from 17 July until 17 August and a fourth show will be performed in the evenings.

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