Team Fēnix ready for car adventure StreetGasm 2000

Theme park Toverland is represented at the leading car event StreetGasm 2000. Team Fēnix will take part in the SG2K 7 – Lucky Number Seven road adventure on Saturday 9 June 2018. The team will be driving a car that is inspired by the eponymous roller coaster that soon opens to the public at Toverland. The Fēnix-car will follow a six-day challenging route of 2000 miles across the southeast of Europe.

Team Fēnix drives a Porsche 911 Turbo S. On top of the front bonnet sits the head of Fēnix, a mythical firebird that cyclically arises from its own ashes. This head is an exact replica of the head you can find on the trains of the eponymous coaster. The Porsche has also reflective 3D Fēnix-feathers and the roller coaster track is incorporated in the design. A black metallic base paint gives you the feeling that Fēnix flies through the night (car wrap by Wrap My Ride), and a fireworks fountain placed in the front bonnet of the car is the icing on the cake. Janou Gelissen, second generation of the family business and initiator of this project, is enormously proud of the end result. “It’s a playful way to get people curious about our brand new wing coaster Fēnix. It is spectacular, fast and daring, like this beautiful Porsche.” Realization of the Fēnix-Porsche was made possible by Team 12.

Lucky Number Seven

During the StreetGasm 2000 7 – Lucky Number Seven rally will Team Fēnix follow a route of 2000 miles (3219 kilometres) across southeast Europe. The start is on Saturday 9 June in Portoroz, Slovenia and the adventurous trip ends on Thursday 14 June in Bukarest, Romania. The route is secret and will be revealed on a daily basis. A total of 120 cars are taking part in this event. You can follow Team Fēnix via Instagram account teamfenixsg2k7. StreetGasm 2000 has grown over the years into one of Europe’s most leading road adventures.

Grand expansion Toverland

On Saturday 7 July 2018, theme park Toverland opens a new entrance called Port Laguna and a new theme area called Avalon. The major attraction of Avalon is the spectacular wing coaster Fēnix. This type of roller coaster has its trains on either side of the track which creates a unique flying experience for its riders. The supplier is leading Swiss roller coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard. Fēnix is forty metres tall, 813 metres long and has a top speed of 95 km/h. Passengers will experience three inversions during a ride. More information can be found on

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