Toverland reveals: At the new entrance area Port Laguna you can practise real magic

Theme park Toverland becomes an impressive one-and-a-half times bigger this year. On Saturday 7 July 2018 is the opening of the new theme area Avalon and a new entrance area. Toverland presented its plans for the new entrance area that will be called Port Laguna today. Magic is the central theme here: with a magic wand visitors are able to practise real magic. The Via Magia, the boulevard of Port Laguna, then leads the visitors to the other theme areas of the park.

Port Laguna becomes the heart of Theme park Toverland: the central starting point and end of the day. The entrance area is designed as an idyllic port with azure water, a beach and a boulevard full of activities. Along the boulevard there will be shops, catering outlets, shows, games, magic and an iconic lighthouse. According to Caroline Kortooms, general director, this becomes “the place where our guests love to stay. Full of warmth, colour, relaxation and magic.” From Port Laguna the guests can explore the other worlds of Toverland.

Magistralis’ Magic Store

Along the Via Magia lies the Magic Store of the Magistralis family. This family has been collecting all the magical valuables and bottles that wash ashore on the beach of Port Laguna for many generations. This collection is carefully tested in the Magiezijn (i.e. magical warehouse) before it is sold in the shop. The Magiezijn is an attraction of its own. Frequently the family opens the door to this mysterious Magiezijn and guests are challenged to discover their own magic during an interactive show.

There’s a wizard inside every person

Hidden inside the various showcases and alcoves of Port Laguna are magical scenes. If you go on a discovery trip with a magic wand and a magical map, you can practise real magic using the right spell and magical move. Kortooms is really proud of this addition: “This shows that our park is truly worthy of the name Toverland (i.e. Magicland).”

Future full of magic

Besides Port Laguna, Toverland also opens the new theme area Avalon in July. An area with the spectacular wing coaster Fēnix and the magical boat ride Merlin’s Quest. With seven hectares this is the largest expansion in the history of Toverland. It involves an investment of 35 million euros. People who are interested are kept informed of the latest news via Toverland’s ambition for the next years is to break the magical barrier of 1 million visitors. The theme park wants to increase the length of stay by creating new expansions and opening a four star hotel resort. The future is full of magic.

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