A new logo and house style for Theme park Toverland

With the arrival of our new theme area Avalon and the legendary wizard Merlin, Theme park Toverland will become more magical than ever in 2018. This requires a new logo and house style, which will seamlessly connect with the park's identity. Our new visual identity is developed in cooperation with brand agency Gewest13, and shall be implemented next year. Also a new website will be launched. 

The new logo and house style have been developed in various stages. Janou Gelissen, second generation of the family business, was closely involved in this process. “Before they started to develop our new house style, Gewest13 really got to know Toverland. We started a number of knowledge sessions, in which all the layers of Toverland were represented. This gave our new idendity immediately a broad support.” Gewest13 subsequently developed a basic style by using the drafted ambitions and criteria we put together. This basic style was then finalised into a new logo, that consists of a word and an image. Gelissen is really pleased with the end result: “It is a very contemporary and magical logo that really fits Toverland.”

At the beginning of next year, we implement our new house style throughout the theme park. The logos on the trains of spinning coaster Dwervelwind and the boats of water ride Djengu River are changed. Also a brand new website is launched. With our magical new house style, we prepare for the largest expansion in our history. Besides theme area Avalon, we also open a new entrance with a matching area to stay in. It makes Toverland one-and-a-half times bigger.

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