Messages in bottles addressed to Toverland wash ashore all over the Netherlands

About a hundred bottles washed ashore last night on various beaches and in lakes and canals all over the Netherlands. A letter that was removed from one of the bottles reveals that the bottles contain magic, and are addressed to Toverland. Honest finders receive four tickets to the theme park as a reward. With these bottled messages presents Toverland itself as the place for a magical day out..

One of the first bottles was found by the Verrijt-Fleuren-family while they were walking their dogs. “We are so happy with this magic bottle”, says mother Anke. “We’ll soon bring that bottle back!” Toverland calls upon everyone to help with the search and share the found bottles via social media on hashtag DiscoverYourOwnMagic.

Testing bottles

On the beach of Port Laguna, Toverland’s new entrance, is it quite common for magical bottles to wash ashore. These bottles are collected by the Magistralis-family and subsequently tested for good magic in their mysterious warehouse called Magiezijn. A thrilling Magiezijn-show, which can be seen again from today, invites visitors to test the bottles together with the Magistralis-family. This includes the bottles that washed ashore in the Netherlands today. “With this message-in-a-bottle promotion, we want to show that a visit to Toverland is a guaranteed magical day out for the entire family”, says commercial director Carin van Berkel. “Magic is for all ages.”

Discover your own magic

Everyone can perform magic at Port Laguna: if you go on a discovery trip with a magic wand and a magical map, you can make magical things happen. If you use the correct magic spell and the corresponding magical move of course. Port Laguna is the starting point from where visitors can discover Toverland’s other theme areas, including Avalon: a brand new theme area with a spectacular roller coaster called Fēnix and the mysterious boatride Merlin’s Quest.

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