Teacher strike: special Magic School at Toverland

The entire education sector goes on strike on Friday 15 March 2019, but if you want to go to school anyway, then visit Toverland. The theme park opens a special Magic School, in which students are able to attend various themed classes. At the end of the day, hardworking students receive a magic diploma called ToverDiploma.

“We receive quite a lot of questions about Toverland and we have developed a number of classes based on these questions”, says Communications Manager Tessa Maessen. General Director Caroline Kortooms will talk about the history of Toverland during her class and answers the question: ‘How do you become a theme park director?’ Attractions Manager Marieke van Hek teaches about rollercoasters, Toos Toverhoed will teach you how to dance and classes in magic are taught at the Magic School.

Fun Pack

A fun pack is available for those students who prefer to be active. This means that there’s a photo discovery tour throughout the entire park and letters can be seen alongside crazy river ride Expedition Zork, with which you can form a word. But you won’t find all of the letters unless you’ve made a splash from 15 metres high.


At the end of the day, all students who have at least attended two of the classes held at this Magic School receive a diploma, called ToverDiploma. Participation is free of charge, but regular admission prices apply. More information can be found on toverland.com/toverschool.

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