Milestone: New rollercoaster Toverland reaches highest point

Theme park Toverland opens on 7 July 2018 a new entrance called Port Laguna and a new theme area called Avalon. The construction of this enormous expansion is currently in full swing. The highest point of brand new wing coaster Fēnix was reached today. To celebrate this milestone, a flag was displayed on the top, which sits at the enormous height of forty metres.

Watched by more than 200 construction workers of twelve different nationalities, Jean Gelissen jr., of Toverland’s building management responsible for the expansion, raised the flag. “Everyone who works on this expansion is responsible for Toverland’s future. We are delivering a mega performance”, says a proud Gelissen. “Reaching the highest point of Fēnix is the ultimate cherry on the cake.”

Unique flying experience

Fēnix is the very first wing coaster of the Benelux. It’s a type of rollercoaster where the seats are hanging on either side of the track which creates a unique flying experience for the passengers. The supplier is the leading Swiss builder of rollercoasters Bolliger & Mabillard. Fēnix has a towering height of forty metres, a length of 813 metres and can reach a top speed of 95 km/h. Passengers will loop three times during a ride. This roller coaster is not only the highest attraction of Toverland, but also the first that contains inversions. A grown-up rollercoaster for a grown-up theme park.

Merlin’s world

Fēnix is part of Avalon, the world of Merlin the mighty wizard. Fēnix is a firebird, arising from his own ashes every 777 years. Visitors are allowed to take a seat under his wings and accompany him on his first flight since his resurrection. Avalon also contains a boat ride called Merlin’s Quest. This journey, suitable for the whole family, takes passengers on a search for Tir na nÓg, the source of eternal life. The construction of Port Laguna and Avalon can be watched from now on in a special making-of series on Toverland’s YouTube channel.

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