New walkthrough experience during Halloween Nights at Toverland

Theme park Toverland is all about Halloween Nights on 8 evenings in October. Hundred scare actors are going to scare the hell out of visitors in five scares zones, two haunted houses and a maze during this popular Halloween event. Also an entirely new walkthrough experience has been created in a forest located at the edge of Toverland. During the Halloween Nights is Toverland open until 23:00 hours. A spectacular fireworks display marks the end of the evenings. 

Toverland’s Halloween Nights are going to be greater than ever this year, with more scare actors, more Halloween experiences and more evenings. The event starts at 18:30 with a new opening show and after all hell has broken loose, 100 terrifying characters are going to take possession of five scare zones, two haunted houses, a maze and a new walkthrough experience called ‘The Witches Forest’.

New walkthrough experience: The Witches Forest
The Witches Forest is where daredevils enter a forest that lies behind theme area Avalon. “In darkness they walk a 10-minute route across misty winding footpaths”, says David Slob, Creative Leader Entertainment. “The Witches Forest is a place where witches rule and dark rituals are performed. Visitors are warned, because not everybody returns from this haunted forest.”

Three new themes
The two haunted houses and the maze have also been given a new Halloween theme. A mad doll maker has moved into cakewalk attraction Villa Fiasko. Inside his haunted house called ‘The Dollhouse’ are the dolls as real as life. Whether it’s a good idea or not to go and search for a missing forest ranger in a dark forest, is something those who enter haunted house ‘Fear the Woods’ will discover. If you have the courage to visit our maze ‘Trapped’, you better watch out for vermin. When chased by rat-like creatures you’ll discover that finding your way out of this hellish maze is quite a challenge. 

The successful scare zones Morgana’s Frozen Souls, Shadows of the Sea, Cirque, DesTroy and Fiesta de los Muertos return to Toverland this year. A breathtaking fireworks display called ‘Discover Your Own Fear’ which depicts the battle between dark and good magic marks the end of the Halloween Nights.

Practical information
The Halloween Nights take place on 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 25 and 26 October. The haunted houses Fear the Woods and The Dollhouse are open from 17:00 hours and all other activities start at 18:30. Toverland stays open during the Halloween Nights until 23:00 hours. For the faint-hearted there’s a Halloween Magic Wand: as soon as the wand’s light is ignited, the creeps will go away. 
During the autumn holidays from 12 until 27 October there’s also the Halloween Days for you to enjoy, with extra Happy Halloween activities for the entire family.

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