Four new Toverland attractions officially opened


Four new attractions of Toverland officially opened

Thousands of visitors watched the opening of four new attractions in theme area Avalon. They make the attractions on offer in this medieval themed area even more appealing for a larger target audience, while increasing the length-of-stay at the same time. Also, extra play areas and various interactive experiences have been added alongside the two large and two smaller attractions. The theme park has invested a total of 11.5 million euros in this project. 

Toverland owner Jean Gelissen sr. and general director Jean Gelissen jr. jointly opened the new attractions officially on Saturday 1 July 2023. “By creating this expansion, we added more thematisation, dynamic and attraction value to this area. Avalon has grown up”, says Jean jr.. “We have worked with passion and craftmanship on this expansion and I’m so incredibly proud of the end result.”

Four new attractions

Themed area Avalon opened back in 2018 with wing coaster Fēnix, boat ride Merlin’s Quest and a serviced restaurant called The Flaming Feather. Saturday 1 July 2023 saw the addition of two large and two smaller attractions. The large attractions are called Dragonwatch, a family friendly drop tower that takes visitors to a height of 17 metres, and Pixarus, an interactive flat ride where passengers have the ability to control the number of inversions they want to make. Unique about Pixarus is that it is built within the angled turn (the ‘helix’) of Fēnix, causing both attractions to fly extremely close to each other. Younger guests will enjoy a festive carousel with the name Jumping Juna and a tour through Merlin’s magical herb garden, called Garden Tour.

Extra play areas and interactive experiences

Interactive viewing scenes and new characters have been introduced so that visitors can enjoy the theme area a lot longer. Amongst the new characters are a little dragon called Sparky and a unicorn named Juna. Smaller guests can also go a discovery tour in Sparky’s Splash Dock, a splashing water play area and enjoy the colourful toddler playground Little Dragons.

A magical future

In 2022, it was the first time in its history that Toverland broke the magical barrier of 1 million guests per year. By continuously investing in seasonal events and the extension of opening times it wants to realise further growth of visitor numbers. Toverland also has the ambition to become a short-time destination resort, with the addition of leisure accommodation. The future is magical!

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