Event location The Flaming Feather


Brand new event location Toverland: The Flaming Feather

Theme park Toverland opens its new theme area Avalon in the summer of 2018. Besides a spectacular roller coaster and a magical boatride, a mythical inn also arises. This inn, callled The Flaming Feather, can be exclusively booked for groups and businesses. Burgundian style dining, in an atmosphere that reminds you of the Dark Ages, or perhaps a stylish evening party. Whichever style you choose, The Flaming Feather offers various options.

For a (business) meeting, lunch, dinner or evening party, The Flaming Feather inn will be open to groups from summer 2018. This event location becomes a part of our new theme area Avalon, which is inspired by the Celtic legends that surround the famous wizard Merlin, King Arthur and his magical sword Excalibur. Tamara Thijssen, sales events at Theme park Toverland, says: “Wizards and magicians have been meeting for centuries at this historical place. The crackling fires, long wooden tables and a ceiling covered in mysterious constellations ensure the immediate feeling that you are in Avalon's mythical world. It's going to be a unique location; the ideal setting for a fully themed event.”

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The addition of The Flaming Feather, brings Theme park Toverland's number of different event locations to a total of seven. Each with its own theme and unique options. The theme park from Limburg organises 150 events every year, varying from 20 to 8000 guests. Each day event is perfectly suitable to combine with a visit to the park and its attractions. Even during events in the evening hours, will the guests have exclusive access to some of the attractions.

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