General terms and conditions subscriptions

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General terms and conditions subscriptions:

  • When purchasing a subscription, 1 member of the family must show his or her valid proof of identity.
  • A subscription is strictly personal and non-transferrable (a proof of identity must be shown at request).
  • An annual subscription is valid for 1 year after the date of purchase.
  • The subscription pass gives the right to regular day visits to Toverland until the end date of the subscription.
  • The subscription pass is no entrance guarantee. Toverland has the right to refuse entry on very busy days. In this case Toverland will not give any compensation or refunds of subscription fees.
  • In case of fraud, misuse or misbehaviour by the subscription holder, Toverland has the right to refuse access to the park or block the subscription. In case of refusal or blocking, no restitution of subscriptions fees will be paid out.
  • The pass is not valid in combination with other promotions or offers.
  • During the winter season, Toverland will be fully open on selected days. These opening days can be found in the calander.
  • There's always the possibility that certain attractions are closed due to maintenance, please check this on
  • Dates on which the park is closed/rented out (and therefore not accessible for subscription holders) are marked on
  • Toverland has the right at any time to change opening times of (parts of) the park, restaurants and points of merchandise.
  • By accessing the park, the park regulations become active. These can be read on our website

- Additional terms and conditions children’s subscription:

  • A children’s subscription is exclusively for children between 90-140cm.
  • If the child grows taller than 140cm during the running time of the subscription, an extra monthly fee of € 2.50 will be charged.

- Additional terms and conditions 60+ subscription:

  • A 60+ subscription is exclusively for anyone who, on the date of purchase, has reached the age of 60 or older.
  • Purchase is only possible after showing a valid proof of identification.
  • It is not possible to transfer an annual subscription to a 60+ subscription.

- Additional terms and conditions parking subscription:

  • The parking subscription gives the person with a valid driving license the option to leave the parking area 1 x per day with 1 car, only in combination with a park visit.
  • The parking subscription can only be used by one of the family members.
  • A parking subscription does not guarantee a parking space or parking priority on very busy days. If no (no more) parking space is available, you have no right to either compensation or refund of your subscription fee.
  • It is not permitted to lend the parking subscription to a third party or use otherwise then mentioned above.
  • You must follow the instructions of the parking staff on duty.
  • Parking with a parking subscription is only allowed during regular opening times of the theme park.
  • When you have purchased a parking subscription, it becomes part of your subscription pass. When leaving the parking area, you can use all traffic barriers. When you hold your pass in front of the barrier, it will open.
  • The parking subscription is only valid in combination with a park visit. Driving onto the parking area is no longer permitted from one hour before the park’s closing time.
  • If you want to drop off or pick up visitors, we kindly refer you to our Kiss & Ride-zone, which allows you free parking for 15 minutes.

Terms and conditions 5% catering discount subscription holders:

  • As a subscription holder you receive 5% discount at (fixed) catering points of sale at Toverland.

  • Some locations may be closed on certain days.
  • The discount is not valid at mobile points of sale (like drinks/ice cream vans), temporary points of sale (like the points of sale on Midsummer evenings/Halloween) and places where your subscription pass cannot be scanned.
  • The discount is not valid for alcoholic beverages.
  • The discount is not valid in Maximus’ Blitzpunkt, Bazaar, Ausgabepunkt, Trojaanse Schatten and Vallerlei.
  • The discount is not valid in combination with other discounts/promotions (like group arrangements or discounted items).
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