Cookie statement Attractiepark Toverland

Cookie statement Attractiepark Toverland

Attractiepark Toverland uses cookies (and comparable technology). Because we want to guarantee your privacy and improve the user friendliness of your visit(s) to our website, we find it important that you know how and why we use cookies. We’ll give you as much information as possible about the use of this technology. 

What are cookies and where do we use them for?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer, tablet or phone. For convenience we use the overall term 'cookies'; which includes cookies, web beacons and JavaScripts. Cookies are automatically deleted from your device. For some cookies this means at the end of your internet session, while for others it means that they are stored for a shorter or longer period of time.

Which cookies do we use?

Below you’ll find a short overview of the kinds of cookies we use on our website. 

Cookies without permission

• Functional cookies 
Cookies to ensure a proper functioning of our website

• Analytical cookies
The purpose of these cookies is to ease the use of our website. These cookies are used to collect information about the pages that are visited the most, which pages work effectively or create error messages. Visitors are anonymously followed. 

Cookies for which permission is needed

• Performance cookies
These cookies collect information about how you use the website and give us insight in the way you use the site, so that we are able to improve your user experience, by improving the performance of our website for example, or test various design ideas. We only use performance cookies if you have given us permission. 

• Tracking & advertising cookies
Advertising cookies ensure that information, offers and adverts are relevant for you. On our website, but also elsewhere. They keep track of how many times you view something and which adverts you’ve already seen. Even if you choose to refuse these cookies, you can still encounter our adverts online because not all of our adverts use cookies. Cookies do make it possible to show you more relevant adverts instead of unnecessary ones

Removing and refusing cookies

Via browser settings on your computer you can remove the cookies from your computer and refuse the placement of new ones. This is different per browser. Removing or refusing cookies has no damaging effect on how our website works. However, there is a possibility that certain elements of our website only work partially or not at all. Turning off cookies only effects the computer and browser on which you perform this action. In case you use multiple computers and/or browsers, you must repeat this action as much as needed.

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer
Go to menu Extra > Internet options > tab General. Click under browsing history on Delete. You may not want to delete everything. Make sure that at least the box ‘Cookies’ is ticked and click on Delete.

Delete cookies in Firefox
Click on the box with three stripes in the upper right corner. Choose Options > Privacy and Security. Under History, choose Clear history. You may not want to delete everything. Make sure that at least the box ‘Cookies’ is ticked and click on Clear Now.

Delete cookies in Chrome
Click on the icon with three stripes in the upper right corner. Choose History > Clear browsing data. Click under Privacy on Clear browser data.

Make sure that at least ‘Cookies and other site and plugin data are ticked when removing.

Cookie statement is subject to changes

Toverland has the right to make changes to this Cookie statement. Each change will be published on this page. We recommend that you regularly consult this Cookie statement, so that you are always informed about the contents of the most recent Cookie statement. For more information about how Toverland uses your data, we refer to our privacy statement.