Cookiestatement Toverland B.V.

Cookiestatement Toverland B.V.

Toverland B.V. uses cookies. Cookies are small bits of information which are downloaded via your browser when you visit our website and then stored on your hard drive or in the memory of the device with which you are visiting our website. The information will be recognised when you visit our website again. Cookies will not damage any of your devices.

Article 1: What type of cookies do we use?
Below you can find a summary of the type of cookies we use on our website, and why we are doing this.

Functional cookies
We use functional cookies. These ensure that our website works correctly so that we can show you which services and products we offer and also to guarantee a user friendly experience for our website. Using functional cookies means that you don’t have to enter the same information all the time, because it has been stored.

Analytical cookies
To make our website possible and to optimise it, we use analytics services. It is in our commercial interest to use the data of your surfing behaviour to analyse our service and to make improvements where needed. We will track your use of our website using Google Analytics combined with Google Tag Manager, Google Studio, Search console and Microsoft Clarity. These cookies know if you have visited our website before. A cookie is created for your first visit only and is used again with your next visit. This cookie is for statistical purposes only, collecting amongst others information about the unique number of visits, which pages are viewed and for how long. To count the number of page views, we use JavaScript. This way we can determine which content you find the most interesting as a user. Cookies placed by Google are kept for two years.

The protection of your privacy is very important to us and that’s why we have taken the following steps with regards to analytical cookies to ensure the least impact on your privacy:

We have made a data processing agreement with these analytics providers and agreed that your data will not be used for any other purposes. We also agreed that a part of your IP-address will be concealed. Because statistics are collected anonymously, analytical cookies are placed without your permission.

Tracking cookies We use third-party tracking cookies on our website, including Facebook, to enable us to make personalised offers based on your surfing behaviour. After leaving our website, your device is recognised when visiting another website in the same advertising range. This allows us to show our adverts on other websites. We only use the data to show you these adverts and will not link it to other files.

We also use Facebook conversions api. Cookies aren’t used here. First-party data, like your name, email, phone number and location are sent to Facebook, not via your browser but directly via our server. We do this to measure the impact of our adverts and conversion and to improve our adverts with Custom Audiences.

We have placed social plugins on our website. These social share buttons allow you to share our messages and articles on your platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your mail provider will place cookies on your device when you use these buttons. These cookies are mainly for the optimisation of your user experience, but also allows them to place tracking cookies that follow your surfing behaviour across multiple websites.

Google’s reCAPTCHA also places tracking cookies. Their task is to provide a risk score based on your behaviour and other factors. This risk score helps Google to determine whether you are a legitimate user or a spambot. As a legitimate user you must confirm that you aren’t a robot.

Finally, the embedded content of YouTube, Juicer, ISSUU and Google Maps can contain marketing cookies on our website. It means that your user data will only be sent to these parties when you either click or play their content. The collected information is not accessible for us as website owners. It is your choice whether or not you permit placement of this type of cookies. It also means that you cannot view the embedded content automatically if you don’t allow placement.

Article 2: Removing cookies
When you visit our website for the first time, we show a pop-up with an explanation about cookies and the question which cookies you want to accept. Cookies that aren’t strictly necessary to run the website are only placed after your permission. You can retract this permission at any given moment. If you don’t want this website to place cookies (any more), you can change your browser settings so that it doesn’t accept cookies and remove all the existing ones. You must change these settings in every browser on any device. However, it may have an impact on the services and functions that we offer.

Please note: when you disable cookies in your browser or use an ad-blocker, your data will still be shared with Facebook via conversions api. Our cookie banner, however, will allow you to disable these other technologies.

Article 3: Final provisions
We advise you to regularly view this statement because we can make changes to our policy. Any changes will be announced on our website, In case you have any questions about this statement or our cookies, please send an email to