4 ways to get your deposit back

Get your deposit back

Would you like to return a bottle, can or mug? You can do so at 4 central locations in the park at the special deposit vending machines, so you will always have an opportunity to receive your deposit. You can then decide how you want to get your deposit back or what you want to do with it.


You can do this with your deposit:

Option 2
​​​​​​​Payment to your bank account

If you don’t have the Tikkie app, fill in your (bank) details before going to the vending machine.

Option 4
Deposit voucher

Print a deposit voucher via the machine, redeem it at a catering point for your next order, or receive your deposit back.

Find the deposit machines here

Always one nearby

✓ Port Laguna: close to toilets and take-away Mañana.
✓ Magische Vallei: near food court Katara Plaza.
✓ Avalon: near take-away Smouldering Roast.
✓ Wunderwald: near the terrace of the Waldstube, ónder the Kletterabentauer. 


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