Maximus' Wunderball

Giant ball courts full of adventure

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Giant Ball Courts

Hidden between the metre-high pine trees, rocks and waterfalls, the Maximus' Wunderball  has been discovered. And now you can try this early invention by inventor Maximus Müller! These two huge and adventurous ball courts full of unique obstacles are guaranteed to provide fun for the whole family. Keep an eye on your wooden ball, because there it goes!

Going on a adventure

Buy a Wunderball

Purchase a Wunderball from the vending machine (€6) and your special adventure can begin. Climb the stairs and discover the romantic wooden chalet. This is the starting point of the two ball courts. The courses are no less than 125 meters long and equipped with 14 different and unique obstacles. You can think of it so crazy: from washtubs and building materials to pots, pans and rulers!

The nice thing is: you can keep the wooden Wunderball afterwards as a unique souvenir. So do the jobs one more time. And again!

Facts & figures

Fun facts about the attraction

  • Lane length: 125 meters
  • Number of courses: 2 pieces
  • Height difference lanes: 4 meters
  • Different hurdles: 14 pieces

Here you will find the Maximus' Wunderball

✓ Wunderwald

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