Take a seat underneath his wings

  • Min. length without supervision132 cm
  • Indoor/OutdoorOutdoor

Fiery wing coaster

This mythical firebird arises from its own ashes every 777 years. Now, Fēnix has risen and is ready for its first flight. And it's going to be thrilling: Fēnix drops down from a height of 40 metres and gains speed up to 95km/h after which he inverts three times! An unforgettable feeling of freedom, sensation and of course......flying.



When can you visit Fēnix?
- Minimum height without supervision: 132 cm
- Maximum height: 195 cm 

Not suitable for: 
- visitors with neck and back problems
- visitors with heart problems and/or high blood pressure
- visitors who are pregnant 
- visitors with plaster casts on their limbs 
- visitors with prostheses that can come loose
- visitors with more than one amputated limb 

Baby Switch: 
This attraction features the Baby Switch. This waiting system means you do not have to wait twice when your child is not yet allowed in the attraction. 
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  • Min. length without supervision132


Can be visited independently or accompanied:
- Maximum 3 accompanying persons allowed
- You must be 140 cm tall because of the allocated seat on the train 
- Blind visitors should visit the attraction with a companion

Important information: 
- Visit the attraction via an alternative entrance on the left in front of the station building. Follow the signs
- There is a lift

More on accessibility: 
> View all information for visitors with disabilities. 

    Facts & Figures

    Facts & Figures

    • Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard
    • Height: 40 meter
    • Capacity: 24 persons per train
    • Tracklength: 813 meter
    • Speed: 95 km/hour
    • Duration: 105 seconds
    • Year of construction: 2018

    Here you find Fēnix


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