Take a seat underneath his wings

The ultimate flying experience

This mythical firebird arises from its own ashes every 777 years. Now, Fēnix has risen and is ready for its first flight. And it's going to be thrilling: Fēnix drops down from a height of 40 metres and gains speed up to 95km/h after which he inverts three times! An unforgettable feeling of freedom, sensation and of course......flying.

Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

  • B&M Wing Coaster
  • Length: 813 metres
  • Height: 40 metres
  • Speed: 95 km/hr
  • Duration: 150 seconds

What should I be looking for?

Here you find Fēnix


Fēnix flies through Avalon and its flight starts in Merlin's tower.

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