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Interactive experience

You can tell by everything: Port Laguna is an enchanting port town! Thanks to Exploria Magica, you can really bring shop windows to life and make your own special discoveries. Try it out and discover your own magic.


1. Mundo Magica

Your voyage of discovery starts here. For many years, all kinds of things have washed ashore on the beaches of Port Laguna, including magic wands. You are one of the chosen ones to test them, so enter this souvenir shop and ask for the conditions. 

2. Your voyage of discovery

Set off with the Tovermap and discover the nine miagcal locations. Both indoors and outdoors, you can conjure up shop windows or create suprising effects with a graceful swing, swish or tap! And there is always a member of the Magistralis family around to help you.

3. Take your magic wand home

When you want to discover Exploria Magica, you pay a deposit of €30,-. Once you have finished your discovery trip and decide to keep the Magic Wand, you’ll receive a new wand, including a storage box and a Mapa Magica! A magical memory of your day. 

Test your magic

Test your magic

For many years, all kinds of things have washed ashore on the beaches of Port Laguna. Together with your group and the Magistralis family you can discover the magic of several magic wands and test them in a magical warehouse, called Magiezijn. But be careful, not all magic wands contain good magic. 


Discover Magiezijn

Here you find Exploria Magica

Port Laguna

Do you want to discover Exploria Magica? Your magical voyage of discovery starts at the Mundo Magica.


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