A colourful rollercoaster

Magical and completely out of control

Plunge forwards from left to right. The trains are spinning round and round, are we going forwards or backwards?! Caught in a real whirlwind, there's only one thing you can do: go! Let yourself be carried away accompanied by magical music and enjoy flying through the wind. Inside a powerful vortex you experience many free falls. Sensational! Fun!

Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

  • Manufacturer: Mack
  • Height: 20 metres
  • Length: 500 metres
  • Speed: 70 km/hour
  • Duration: 1.52 minutes


What should I be looking for?

With children

  • Between 100-120 cm, under supervision of an adult
  • Independent access from 120 cm

    With disabled persons and wheelchair users

    • Lift present
    • Special seats
    • Max. number of supervisors: 2 


      • Not suitable for people with heart conditions and back problems
      • Not suitable for pregnant women
      • Not suitable for people with heart problems and high blood pressure.

        Here you find Dwervelwind

        Magische Vallei

        When you walk from Wunderwald into the Magische Vallei, then Dwervelwind is located at the back on your right hand side.

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