Look into the eyes of even more fear…..if you dare.

✓ Recommended age 12+ | 18:30 - 23:00 | 7, 14 t/m 16, 18 t/m 22, 27 t/m 29 october & 4 november

When the sun disappears below the horizon, darkness takes possession over Toverland. But something is different this year. More dark beings, terrifying monsters and chilling creatures than ever before crawl out of every nook and cranny of the park. They know how and where to find you in 6 horrifying Haunted Experiences (new: Now You're Mine) and 5 thrilling scare zones (completely renewed and bigger than ever: Cirque). Toverland descends into complete chaos during 13 blood curdling Nights. Have you got the guts to face them?

New experience: Now You're Mine

Haunted Experience (€) • Bezoek het mysterieuze mijnmuseum

Gather all your courage, because you’ll need it in the brand new and most terrifying experience ever: Now You're Mine! Inside Mining Museum Sevenum you quickly discover more about the Magnum Opus, a stone believed to give you eternal life.

This museum is not just famous for its exhibitions, but also for its mysterious mining complex, which recently had to close because of the risk of collapse. Rumours are also circulating about the presence of mysterious creatures and it is thought to be the reason why every trace is missing of the curious mining director Mijndert Müller. Or maybe not.. .. knock knock!

Magic Members
Your Toverland Annual Pass allows you to visit one Haunted Experience for free during the entire Halloween period. Simply claim it via your Magic Member Account.

6 Haunted Experiences

Paid experiences (€) • Immerse yourself completely in fear

✓ Do you dare to enter the 6 Haunted Experiences? Each one of them has a different theme, which will do more than just raise the hairs in the back of your neck.
✓ Descent into the mysterious mine shaft of the new experience 'Now You're Mine'! There’s one thing you can count on: you’re not alone here.
Unique locations and exclusive experiences, like Ghost Train transport.

Tip: visit the Haunted Experiences without queueing with our all-in Fear Pass.

5 scare zones

Free • Wander among the creeps

✓ Get chased in 5 thrilling scare zones, each with a different theme.
Bigger and more gruesome than ever: scare zone Cirque! Completely renewed: enormous circus grounds full of scares, a nostalgic fair and food & drinks.
✓ Easily scared? Keep the monsters at a distance with the Halloween Magic Wand.


For the ultimate experience: claim a Fear Pass

€49,50 • Real scaredevils go for all the scares

Your benefits:

✓ Skip the queue: there are special queues for those with a Fear Pass
✓ One-time access to all 6 paid Haunted Experiences.
✓ Physical Fear Pass with unique lanyard.


This is also your Halloween Night:

Start your evening excitingly
Exciting parade

During the parade in Port Laguna, you will come face to face with all the creeps for the first time.

Share your fear

Can't get scared? Take a selfie with one of your favorite horrors!

Voor je Insta | Port Laguna
Scream & Smile

Get your picture taken with a group of creeps? Stick around after the fireworks for a group photo!

Show your courage
Victory Bands

The ultimate Halloween souvenir! Show what fears you have overcome.

A sparkling end to your evening

Spectacular fireworks show

To ban all that dark magic out of Toverland, the most colourful rockets are launched into the sky at 22:45 as part of a thrilling fireworkshow. Famous Toverland-music accompanies the display and has been altered for the occasion by giving it a dark Halloween coating. So do not miss this spectacle and be there on time!

✓ Download the Toverland app for current show times and opening hours of Haunted Experiences and scare zones.


TICKETS: Are special Halloween Nights tickets available?

No, there are no special tickets that only give you access to the Halloween Nights. With a Toverland ticket you have access from 10:00 to 23:00 on days when we organize the Halloween Nights. It is up to you what time you visit.


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TICKETS: What is included with my ticket?

When you purchase a ticket to Toverland, you can experience all scare zones for free. All Haunted Houses and experiences can be visited for a fee. You can book them separately or purchase a Fear Pass, which includes admission to all paid haunted houses. Halloween Nights start at 7 p.m., but your Toverland ticket gives you access to the park all day.


ABONNEMENT: Can I go to the Halloween Nights with my Toverland subscription?

Yes! You can visit as often as you like during Halloween Nights with your Toverland subscription. As a Magic Member, you are also entitled to one free visit to the paid Haunted Experiences during the entire Halloween period. You can record this free, one-time visit through the online portal.

ABONNEMENT: How can I visit one Haunted Experience once?

As a Toverland season ticket holder, you always have an edge, including during Halloween Nights. For example, as a Magic Member it is possible to visit one paid Haunted Experience for free, during the entire Halloween Nights period. You do this easily via the Magic Member Account.


PROGRAM: What time does the Nights program begin?

Starting at 6:15 p.m., the official Halloween Nights program begins with the parade at Port Laguna. The Haunted Experiences: Now You're Mine (Port Laguna) starting at 3:00 pm, Maison de la Magie (Port Laguna) starting at 4:00 pm, The Dollhouse (Wunderwald) starting at 5:00 pm.


FEAR PASS: Wat is er inbegrepen bij de Fear Pass?

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De Fear Pass biedt je deze voordelen: 
✓ Toegang tot alle 6 betaalde Haunted Experiences.
✓ Er is een speciale wachtrij voor gasten met de Fear Pass, hierdoor skip je volledig de normale wachtrij.
✓ Je ontvangt een fysieke Fear Pass en keycord. Deze kun je op basis van je online gekochte Fear Pass ophalen bij souvenirshops: Mundo Magica (Port Laguna) en de Halloween Shop (Land van Toos) of bij de Gastenservice. Het online ticket is enkel een afhaalbewijs en dus ook nog geen bruikbare Fear Pass.

Je kunt de Fear Pass eenvoudig online reserveren bij je tickets of los via: tickets.toverland.com/halloween


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PROGRAM: What is the advisory age for Halloween Nights?

The advisory age for Halloween Nights is 12+. Of course, it is difficult for Toverland to judge what someone finds scary or exciting. This allows you to decide how scary you make it during Halloween Nights. The scare zones and Haunted Experiences feature spiders that judge "scaryness. Also, in the scare zones, you can use the Halloween wand that will keep the creeps at a safe distance.

WAND: Where does the Halloween Magic Wand work?

With the Halloween Wand, you can keep all the creeps at bay in the scare zone and at the parade. The wand does not work at the Haunted Houses and Experiences. You can purchase it at souvenir shop Mundo Magica (Port Laguna) or the Halloween Shop (Land of Toos) or online in the ordering process of your tickets at: tickets.toverland.com/houses.


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FACE PAINTING: May I come by painted or dressed up?

Face painting and dressing up is allowed up to age 12. Are you older? Then this is not allowed to avoid confusion with scare actors.


FILMING: Where am I allowed to film?

It is allowed to film your experiences during the Halloween Nights ín the scare zones, without flash or (external) light source. This is not to detract from the experience of the zone. It is NOT allowed to film ín the Haunted Houses or Experiences. Making onrides in the attractions is possible, see here what is and what is not allowed. Our staff always has the final say on this.

✓ In doubt, do you have a special request or would you like to cooperate? Mail with: marketing@toverland.nl.


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