Halloween Nights

Discover your own fear

More thrilling evenings, bigger scares and new experiences

19:00 - 23:00 / 9 and 10 Oct. / 16 until 18 Oct.* / 20 until 24 Oct. / 30 and 31 Oct. / 6 and 7 Nov. 2020 

Once the sun has disappeared below the horizon, the most terrifying creatures come to life in Toverland. Do you still dare? Hold your breath, because 14(!) Halloween Nights are waiting for you. Everything in superlatives: more scares, bigger scare zones and more experiences! Gather all your courage, because you’ll need it. 

* Attention! The Halloween Nights are sold out on: October 16, 17 and 18

Book your tickets and your visit via our TicketshopHave you got an annual pass? Then use your account to book your visit. 

Other things you need to know...

Besides all our scare zones and experiences, it’s also helpful to know this bit of information when you visit our Halloween Nights. That’s what we call well-prepared horror. 


Once you’ve conquered your fear, you want to share it immediately on Instagram. To make this possible, we’ve created a Selfie spot in each scare zone. Here you can take a picture of yourself with a character at a distance.

Scream & Smile

Prefer to take your picture with even more monsters? Also at the entrance (near our ticket office for groups), you have the option of taking pictures with more creepy monsters at 22:45 hours. Of course we have to keep a distance between each other. We call it Scream & Smile!! 

As scary as you like

You’re not a scaredy-cat, but is it still getting too much for you? Get yourself a Halloween Magic Wand and keep all the scares at a distance. Also our indoor areas Land van Toos and Wunderwald are horror-free. 

These scares are waiting for you

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