Halloween Nights

Discover your own fear

Come.. if you dare!

When the sun drops below the horizon, all our themed worlds come to life. This year we splash out with more scare zones and scare actors than ever before! One thing is for sure, all ghostly creatures can smell fear! Have your magic wand at the ready, because it’s almost time again for Toverland’s Halloween Nights. 

12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 25 & 26 October – 18:30 until 23:00 | Curious after our programme for 2019? Keep a close eye on this page! 


New during Halloween Nights 2019!

New during Halloween Nights 2019!

Halloween Nights at Toverland will be greater than ever! Five scare zones, two renewed haunted houses, a completely new maze experience and hundreds of scare actors make you discover your own fear! Also new this year is a unique walkthrough experience in the forest behind Avalon: The Witches Forest!


Discover scare zones
Scary parade

The evening starts in Port Laguna with a terrifying parade! This is the moment where evil forces take possession of Toverland. Are you brave enough to make eye contact with one of the creeps? 

- 18:30 (30 min)

Thrilling fire show

There’s no need to be scared in the 'safe harbour' of Port Laguna! In this place you’ll be amazed watching cool flame throwers perform on the beach during 'The Power of Fire'. Clap and dance along!

- 20:00 | 21:00 | 22:00 (15 min)

Spectacular fireworks display

Together we end the scary Nights with a spectacular fireworks display in Port Laguna: 'Discover your own fear'! Can we use this to scare the dark magic away from Toverland?

- 22:45 (15 min)

Rule your own fear

Rule your own fear

Your last resort in the battle against evil: the Halloween Magic Wand. This magic wand gives you a unique weapon that keeps clowns, monsters, scarecrows, freaks and horrors at a distance.


Help, I need a Magic Wand
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