Scare Zones & Haunted Experiences

Shiver, shudder and experience terrifying moments

Do you dare to tackle all our scare zones?

Toverland has been taken over by dark magic during the Halloween Nights! Five of our theme areas are possessed by the most horrifying creatures. Read below what you can expect, and where!  

✓ All 5 scare zones are included with your Toverland-ticket
✓ Curious how scary the experience is? Look at the number of stars, for example: *****. 
✓ Like to keep the monsters at a distance? You can use a Halloween Magic Wand in the scare zones (Cirque excluded).

*** | Avalon
Morgana's Frozen Knights

Morgana has expanded her army with ice knights and taken control over Avalon.

*| Magische Vallei
Fiesta de los Muertos

Celebrate a jolly sacrificial feast with the undead. But beware, there’s a moment when...

**** | Ithaka

Mutated Trojan soldiers see you as an intruder. Can you escape?

**** | Magische Vallei
Shadows of the Sea

Terrifying crew members roam the seabed looking for you.

*** | Wunderwald

Sinister circus performers are after you! Also check out the funhouse.

(€) Haunted Experiences

Feel like you need some extra horror? Look straight in the eyes of your own fears during our intense, fully themed Haunted Experiences! This will really complete your Halloween Night!  

✓ The Haunted Experiences are paid experiences. A time slot is required, which you can claim here.  
✓ Curious how scary the experience is? Look at the number of stars, for example: *****. 
✓ The Halloween Magic Wand cannot be used in a Haunted Experience to keep the monsters at a distance.  

Experiencing all Haunted Experiences and more

Enjoy the all-in Night experience

Choosing the Fear Pass, means choosing the all-in experience of the Halloween Nights: 
✓ Access to all 5 Haunted Experiences. 
✓ Join the queue whenever you like. 
✓ Access to dinner buffet 'Trick or Eat'. 
✓ Limited edition Fear Pass festival bracelet.



Thrilling parade and fireworks display

Everything is quiet during the day, but all hell breaks loose from 18:30 hours. All the monsters show themselves at a thrilling parade that takes place in Port Laguna. Don’t miss it! Do you dare to give them any eye contact!? 
At 22:45 hours our Halloween Nights end magically with a spectacular fireworks display, also in Port Laguna. Especially for this show we changed our most famous Toverlandmelodies into Halloween style music. Don’t miss this!

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