Scare zones & Experiences - Halloween 2023

Take a look here at what was happening during Halloween in 2023

Halloween Nights were more gruesome than ever

5 Scare Zones and 6 Haunted Experiences

All the creeps are safe in the vault again. So, right now you don't have to be afraid of anything. During the last edition, all the creepy clowns, mutant Trojan warriors and wandering sea monsters knew how to scare you in 5 Scare Zones. Of these, Cirque was completely revamped and grander than ever, with even more carnival rides! Also new was one of the 6 Haunted Experiences: Now You're Mine. The question here was whether you could repeat your museum visit.

We can't tell you anything about the 2024 edition yet, but one thing is for sure: all terrifying creatures will know where to find you!


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