Theme park Toverland is looking for love stories

Toverland's special Rose Service is en route through the country on 14 February, Valentines Day, to bring the most beautiful love stories together. Lovers will be surprised with a red rose and tickets for the theme park. 

If you want to put a (secret) love, best friend, a lost family member or special colleague in the spotlights, then the special Rose Service of Theme park Toverland is the right address. Our special Rose Service is en route on Wednesday 14 February in both the Netherlands and abroad, to surprise lovers with a beautiful red rose and tickets for Toverland. The theme park is looking for the most remarkable love stories and via or via our Love Tree in the park, everyone can enter his or her love from today.

The magic of true love

Magic is at the heart of Toverland. “For us, real magic is within ordinary people who dare to make loving and brave choices every day”, says communications manager Tessa Maessen. “There's nothing braver than opening your heart to other people. With our Rose Service we hope to bring more magic into the world.”

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