This is what awaits visitors of Theme park Toverland this summer season

Toverland has used last winter to add a themed dark ride scene to their new wing coaster Fēnix. This scene takes rollercoaster passengers into a situation where they barely escape a dragon. It will make a ride on Fēnix even more spectacular. Also numerous events are planned for this summer season and visitors are able to enjoy an adventurous dive show during their summer holiday. The new season starts on Saturday 30 March and early bird tickets are currently available on Toverland’s website.

New: dark ride scène Fēnix

“Over the past winter we have added a lot more to the experience of our new theme area Avalon”, says Head Designer Peter van Holsteijn. Avalon is where famous wizard Merlin together with his ally Fēnix ensures that good magic prevails. But the evil ice witch Morgana is lurking. “When you ride our spectacular rollercoaster Fēnix and you get inside the dark ride, you’ll encounter Morgana and her ice cold followers. Morgana has been magically transformed into an ice dragon and Fēnix must battle with her before he can fly through Avalon.” We have also reduced the height restriction of passengers this summer season with 8 cm. From now on it is possible for passengers of over 132cm to enjoy a ride on this impressive coaster.

Special shows & events

Numerous special events are taking place this summer. On Saturday 19 May the festive event YOUTUBERSxTOVERLAND is on the agenda, which will be attended by no other than Dylan Haegens, Milan Knol and Dionne Slagter. During the summer holiday from 6 July until 25 August visitors can enjoy a spectacular new dive show in our entrance area Port Laguna. There are also 10 magical Midsummer Evenings which are filled with extra entertainment, whereby Toverland’s doors remains open until 23.00 hours. The autumn holidays are all about Halloween, with our happy Halloween Days and 7 thrilling Halloween Nights until 23.00 hours. Both shows & events will be bigger than ever this year.

Open day: Toverland recruits 200 staff

Toverland organizes an open day for those who are interested in a secondary job. This day will take place on Saturday 6 April. People are welcome between 13.00 – 15.00 hours and will be given a tour around the park and a presentation about the various jobs that are on offer. This is followed by a job interview, after which the applicant gets to know immediately whether he or she is hired. Afterwards, the newly recruited Toverlanders may enjoy all the attractions. Toverland is looking to recruit around 200 staff with a minimum age of 17 years. More information can be found on

Early bird tickets

If you want to visit Toverland with a discount this summer season, you can buy early bird tickets until 29 March via Entering the code WEMOGENWEER gives you € 6.- discount on our normal admission price (from 120 cm) and € 4.- discount on a children’s ticket (90 – 120 cm). Toverland is ready to kick-off this year’s summer season on Saturday 30 March and invites early birds with this promotion to quickly discover all that’s new in the theme park.

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