Theme park Toverland fully open during education strike

Toverland celebrates the last day of the summer season on Sunday 3 November. After that, the winter season starts and visitors can enjoy the two indoor theme areas. However, the entire theme park can be experienced one last time on Wednesday 6 November, the day a national education strike takes place and visitors can enjoy the attractions across all six themed areas. There’s also a special Magic School, where students can attend various themed classes. Toverland is open from 10:00 until 17:00 hours on 6 November, and summer prices are applied on this day.

“By opening the entire park during the education strike, we want to give families with children of all ages an extra chance to enjoy all of Toverland’s attractions”, says Tessa Maessen, Communications Manager. “It also proved to be a huge success when we opened a Magic School the last time such a strike took place. So it returns, with some new courses.”

Students learn how to become a real Toverland staff member in a ‘Toverlander Class’ and Maximus Müller explains everything about his beloved bobsleigh attraction in his ‘Inventors Class’. We’ve also thought about those students who prefer to attend a more active class. A photo scavenger hunt is mapped out throughout the park, and letters that together form a word can be found along crazy river ride Djengu River. But you won’t be able to find all the letters unless you take a ride on that swirling river.


Students who have attended at least three activities of this Magic School, receive a special diploma called ToverDiploma. It is free to attend the classes, and summer tariffs apply on this day. More information can be found on

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