Theme park Toverland announces new admission prices

From the start of this year’s summer season is Theme park Toverland going to introduce variable admission prices. There will be four different price categories based on the period in which people visit the theme park. Online tickets with a fixed date will also be given huge discounts. This means that the price of a regular ticket on Toverland’s website starts at just € 22.50. Also the maximum height for a children’s ticket has been extended from 120 cm to 140 cm. The new admission prices will be in force from Saturday 28 March.

Price categories
Toverland’s new admission prices are split in four categories: Bronze (from € 22.50), Silver (from € 26.-), Gold (from € 27.-) and Platinum (from € 29.-). “These new prices are based on our opening times and associated park offer”, explains General Director Jean Gelissen jr.. “This means that visitors need a Platinum ticket to visit our Midsummer Evenings and Halloween Nights because we’re open from 10:00 to 23:00 hours during these events and we also provide extra shows and entertainment alongside our normal attractions, hereby ensuring a higher added value to our guest experience.”

Online discounts
Visitors can order tickets with a fixed date at huge discounts via Toverland’s website. If you order a ticket at least 7 days before the date of your visit, you receive up to € 7.- discount compared to the price paid at the ticket office. Orders that are placed 0 – 6 days before the visiting date receive a discount of up to € 2.- on the ticket office-price. Discounts apply to all price categories. “Using tickets with a fixed date enables us to provide a better guarantee that park offer and staff planning ties in with the number of visitors. This way we ensure that all our visitors experience a magical day at Toverland”, says Jean Gelissen. It is also possible to buy tickets with an open date. These are € 33.- in spring and autumn, and a ticket that is valid throughout the entire summer season costs € 36.-.

Extension children’s tariff
Previously, children’s tariffs applied to children with a height of 90 – 120 cm. From the start of the spring school holiday this is going to change to 90 – 140 cm. Children’s tickets are available via Toverland’s website from € 17.50. All of Toverland’s attractions are accessible from a height of 140 cm and therefore regular admission prices apply. Disabled persons, wheelchair users and over-60s can buy tickets at reduced tariffs. All new admission prices can be found on Toverland’s website.

Toverland announced previously that it will extend its opening times this year and that more events will take place than ever before. Visitors can now enjoy no less than 12 Midsummer Evenings and 14 Halloween Nights. During spring school holiday and the weekends thereafter will Toverland open its entire park sooner than ever during the ‘Pre-Season’. The start of the summer season is on Saturday 28 March and all indoor and outdoor attractions are open every day until Sunday 8 November.

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