The start of the most terrifying edition of Halloween Toverland

Today, on the appropriate day of Friday the thirteenth, we announce the start of the popular Halloween event at Theme park Toverland. With five scare zones, two haunted houses and a maze, this will be most terrifying edition yet. No less than seventy horrifying characters are waiting to scare the hell out of our visitors during eight nights in October.

New: Villa Phobia, Screaming Swamp and Defeated.

In our cake walk attraction Villa Fiasko, that we turned into haunted house Villa Phobia, a black widow provides extra obstacles. Visitors who dare to enter her villa, must be careful not to get caught in the web of this cunning spider.
Our unique Screaming Swamp is all about senses. Visitors will enter this haunted house blindfolded, while wearing a headphone with 3D sound effects. With the use of a rope, they'll find their way through a boggy swamp. Visitors will risk sinking deeper and deeper into this swampy jelly with each step they take. One wrong step can be fatal.
Not only will the Greek zombie warriors return to our scare zone DesTroy. In walk-through Defeated, those who were beaten in the Trojan War have now risen from the dead. And they have only one goal: to make visitors undergo their catastrophic fate. You will be completely on your own, because at the entrance of Defeated, we'll divide everybody across three dark tunnels.

Scarier dan ever

Seventy horrifying creatures terrorize Toverland during Halloween. Some characters roam the park and can suddenly appear from anywhere. For those visitors who don't possess nerves of steel, we have a Halloween Magic Wand. Light that Magic Wand and rescue is near, because all monsters will go away.

Halloween Toverland takes place on 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 27 and 28 October. Before the real horror starts at 19:00 hours, our visitors will be warmed up during Happy Halloween. During the Halloween event we leave the park open until 23:00 hours. Tickets are available via the Toverland website. More information about Halloween Toverland can be found here.

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